Debris Disposal

With 2,000 dumpsters, we are the largest dumpster provider in Virginia, offering competitively priced 10, 20, and 30-cubic yard roll-off dumpsters for the disposal of construction and demolition debris. Our flat-rate pricing means no over-tonnage fees.

The S.B. Cox roll-off division has the ability to accommodate LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects of any size. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and quick response times. Our radio-dispatched trucks with GPS tracking serve the entire Richmond metropolitan area, Williamsburg, and Newport News.

30 Cubic Yards

8′ wide x 6′ tall x 24′ long

20 Cubic Yards

8′ wide x 4′ tall x 24′ long

10 Cubic Yards

8′ wide x 4′ tall x 12′ long

Weight Limit

10 Tons


Roll-off trucks




What kind of material can I dispose of?

We accept general construction and demolition debris – just about everything that comes from a construction or remodeling project. We can also haul broken concrete, asphalt, masonry products, tree limbs, and cleared-land debris. We are not able to accept residential waste, mattresses, tires, hazardous materials, chemicals, or any loose liquids.

How will I know if I exceed the 10-ton weight limit?

Usually, if you are disposing of construction or remodeling material, you will not exceed the weight limit by filling the container. However, if you are disposing of heavy materials such as concrete, asphalt, brick and block, or dirt, the following rules of thumb apply: 10-yard container – fill to roughly 6 inches from the top; 20-yard container – fill two-thirds full or less; 30-yard container – should only be used for general building materials (no heavy items).

How will I know if a roll-off container will fit on my project site or at my home?

We typically need an entrance or driveway that is 10 feet wide to accommodate the truck. We also need approximately 50 feet of space in which the driver can maneuver. It is important to consider overhead power lines, low hanging branches and other interference that might prevent the driver from raising the truck boom to full height in order to roll the container off and into place. If you aren’t sure, call us and we will look at your site to make recommendations for placement.

How do I prepare my site for delivery?

If you want a container placed on a concrete or asphalt driveway, please have plywood or some other form of protection available for our driver to set the container wheels on when making the delivery. Also, we assume that the driveway will accept the weight of our truck plus a loaded container. If you want the container placed beyond a hard-surfaced area, please understand that our trucks are heavy and can cause ruts or other damage to soft ground and grass. Please consider and mark the locations of irrigation sprinkler heads, water meters, utility tie-ins, underground storage tanks, etc.

How do I schedule a delivery and make payment?

Please call 804-222-3500 and ask for roll-off dispatch. Our dispatchers will walk you through the process and set up your order. You can pay over the phone with a credit card or when the delivery is made in person with cash or a check.

What is the typical lead time needed for a new delivery?

Normally, we need 2 to 3 days’ notice on new deliveries. Once the container is on your site, we can usually dump and return it or final it within 24 hours of a call.